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Economical car rental in Dortmund

Car rental in Dortmund from 24 euros per night

Original, colorful Dortmund in western Germany, is one of the largest centers of tourism. It is located in the Ruhr area, it belongs to the federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia. Channel Dortmund – Ems city subordination land merges with the network of channels through which the clock shuttle vessel river fleet. The landscape of the city fairly smooth, but it has a lot of scenic spots along the banks of the river Lippe, Lena, Ruhr, Emscher that cross it. Climate Dortmund gentle enough even in winter the temperature here rarely falls below 0 ° C

The city attracts attractions Tourists will find many museums, exhibitions, historic sites. There is even a sports hall, the Westfalenhalle, which is considered one of the largest in Europe. Dortmund great road to travel on that car – a pleasure. In addition, if desired, from it you can go anywhere in Europe, spending on the tour is not more than a week. You can rent a car in advance online, and will pick it up at the airport, at the train / train station, in the center of Dortmund.

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Rules of the road when you rent a car in Dortmund

Rent a car in Dortmund simple, but getting into the car, it is worth remembering the rules of driving, for which the Germans are very meticulous. Each machine must be reflective vest, a sign that indicates an emergency with the technique. Also, these items are the owner of the vehicle is obliged to present an employee of patrol service on demand. When the machine moves along the road covered with ice, snow, the wheels have to be winter, but not with studded tires.

If the rules are violated, it will cost the driver 60 euros. The amount of payment for violation of up to 80 euros if the process was to create a situation which has become an obstacle to other road users. In winter, mountain Dortmund has its own rules. The wheels of a vehicle in this case must be equipped with snow chains. On the need to indicate the road signs installed along the route.

The cost of fuel

Fuel car in Dortmund can be bought on the open market. There is no leaded gasoline, but diesel fuel sold in abundance, unleaded gasoline grades A 95, 98. For vehicles with gas engines also have a filling, which only in Germany there are about 5 000. The average price per liter of fuel in the city is almost the same, is at present Day:

Type of fuel


Petrol Super Plus 98 A

1,527 euro

Petrol A Super 95

1,500 euro


1,481 euro


0.619 euro

Diesel engine

1,233 euro

Fines for traffic violations in Dortmund

German law scrupulously take into account the smallest details of the situations that may occur with the driver of the vehicle. If there is a violation, not entailing serious consequences, the penalty may apply the traffic service directly on site. The owner of the vehicle can pay the full amount in cash or make a payment using a bank card.

Also, under German law the driver has the right to refuse to pay the penalty. In this case, the employee is entitled to the service road to confiscate the vehicle. The most common size of the fine will depend on the income level of the driver. However, it is worth remembering that the failure to pay the amount on the ground will have to go to court. In this case for the violation will have to pay a much higher amount.

Allowable alcohol

When driving in the car the maximum blood alcohol level shall not exceed 0,3 ‰. No penalty will be issued provided that the drunkenness of the driver varies between 0,3-0,5 ‰. When the figures above, the employee may be fined patrol sitting behind the wheel for 500 euros. Repeated violation of a similar nature, this amount is doubled. In addition, the driver denied the right to drive a vehicle for a period of 3 months.

In the same period, you can say goodbye to the rights, if the fall in the hands of the police in the 3rd time. The only difference is that you have to pay a fine of 1,500 euros. For those who have the right long ago, is not to drink alcohol while landing at the wheel. The allowable level of intoxication for persons with experience of driving less than 2 years of age is 0 ‰, age limit - 21 years old. If these rules are violated, the owner of the car will have to fork out 250 euros.

Parking in Dortmund

When you hire a car in Dortmund, keep in mind that the city's many historic sites, attractions, exclusion zones. The laws are strictly enforced in Germany, if the driver leaves the car in the wrong place, it will result in penalties. It should also be borne in mind that in some places to park the car may only local drivers. Fines for illegal parking are as follows:

Duration parking


Up to half an hour

10 euros

Up to 1 hour.

15 euros

Up to 2 hours.

20 euros

To 3 h.

25 euro

Over 3 hours.

30 euro

Control in Dortmund A clear, all fines for violating the automatic parking control devices fixed time.

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