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Car rental in Gran Canaria

Rent a car in Gran Canaria from 12 € per day

Gran Canaria, more commonly known as the Canary Islands – an archipelago of seven islands, each of which is notable for something their own, unique. The history of Gran Canaria begins More BCE. Here the traveler can find everything you need soul and body: the island abound clean beaches, cultural monuments, museums, nature reserves, the nightlife does not abate in restaurants, clubs and discos. Here you can watch as the cave paintings, and "lunar landscape" and if you really want, you can communicate with astrophysicists and look at this telescope.

Tourists accept international airport of Gran Canaria, located on the same island. It is located 20 km away from Las Palmas, the largest city here. To do everything and travel with pleasure, you can rent a car at the airport of Gran Canaria. If you move from island to island – it does not matter: it constantly ply the ferries, which provide space for transportation vehicles. Since the influx of tourists here are almost always high, it is best to book a car in advance required. This will help and save. Many lucrative offers car rental in Gran Canaria, you can find online

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Rules of the road, to be aware of if you rented a car in Canary Islands

For driving in the Canary Islands is enough to have national rights. Basic rules of the road traffic regulations are responsible Central Europe. But there are nuances that are worth considering:

  • It can not be transported in the front seat up to 12 years;
  • machines that right, always have an advantage;
  • Vehicles can only overtake on the left side;
  • at the roundabout, you should be very careful, because according to the rules shall prevail cars that first entered the circle, but signs may indicate otherwise;
  • not allowed to use audio signals in the city;
  • if you see unusual signs, consider them carefully and only then move on;
  • in a place where parking is prohibited, may stop for a maximum of 2 minutes, while the driver in any case can not leave the car!
  • If an obstacle on the road forces you to stop, you need to alert the driver, who drives to the left, turning left blinker or outstretched arm; in the mountains before the sharp turn recommended to beep;
  • if there was a car crash, the driver must wear special reflective vest, and then go out and put on both sides of the vehicle emergency signs.

Speed ​​Limit

The maximum speed that can be developed using leased cars on the islands of Gran Canaria:

  • settlements - up to 60 km / h;
  • on other roads - up to 100 km / h;
  • on the motorway - 120 km / h.

For violation of these restrictions militia imposes very heavy fines. In the Canary Islands are widely used camera speed control, radar detectors strictly prohibited.

Penalties in the Canary Islands

If you have violated the traffic rules, you can try to negotiate with the police, but in any case not offer money - it drags troubles heavy fines.

For speeding up to 10 km maximum is usually not fined, but the risk is not necessary. For excess of only 20 km will have to pay 100 euros. Not wearing a seat belt and talk on the phone without a headset driver will cost 200 euros. Discarded cigarette butt entitles fined 300 euros. The car without the necessary equipment (emergency signs, reflective vest and a spare wheel) - a fine of 200 euros. If the police find out about the presence of radar detectors, will have to pay up to 6000 euro fine.

In the Canary Islands impose fines on foreign police right on the spot. If there is no money, you need to specify the details of the guarantor, who will make for you a fine. Otherwise, just confiscate the car in the parking-fee. For the payment of small fines once you get a "discount" of 50% of the amount of the fine.

Allowable alcohol

As everywhere in Europe, and 0.5 promile permitted blood alcohol. In the Canary Islands are often carried out checks for alcohol in the blood, especially pay attention to the girls. For drinking and driving are provided not only fines, several times more than usual, but also imprisonment. So do not take chances.

Parking for cars, taken for rent in the Canary Islands

On the islands there are both paid and free parking. Free parking can be rented cars everywhere with no special markings. If the zone is marked by the blue line, the maximum duration of parking is 1.5 - 2 hours. Ticket for parking can be bought in tobacconists, usually its cost - about 1 euro.

On one-way streets can be parked following the directions on a road sign. Usually it looks like this: in the days of steam rooms can be parked car on the side of houses with even numbers and vice versa.

Parking is strictly prohibited in the area marked in yellow. Also, you can not stop under the sign of «VADO» - he represents a departure from the garage.

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