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Car rental in Seville

Car rental in Seville

Seville – a city-the "heart" of Andalusia and the reconciliation of the provincial capital. Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Seville surprises every traveler with its architecture, squares, parks and emerald amount of orange trees. This city poets sing and adore writers and artists, as if there are no other cities. It was in Seville most passionate flamenco, bullfights and the most beautiful women in the world. Arriving, you can feel the why of Seville "settled" Carmen and Don Quixote of La Mancha.

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Rules of the road on which you should pay particular attention when renting a car in Seville

Rules are quite simple and do not differ from those operating in other parts of Spain:

  • talking on a cell phone is possible only through the headset;
  • At the roundabout has the advantage of a car that is in it;
  • Machines need to overtake on the left side;
  • watch carefully for pedestrians, always stop to let them pass, as often people do not even look at the road;
  • watch carefully for the presence of the traffic light and color: because of the high location over the road you can not see the yellow color almost lightning speed switches to red;
  • the car must be such items: two alarm sign, spare wheel and reflective vest yellow or orange;
  • Cyclists travel spontaneously and often forget about the rules of traffic, so be careful; overtaking a cyclist on the new rules allowed only at a distance of at least 1.5 m;
  • If you need to get out of the car for a few minutes in the wrong place to stop, put on a vest, turn the alarm t then leave;
  • signs may be painted on the roadway, so be careful.


Penalties are divided into 3 categories depending on the offense:

  • medium gravity;
  • serious;
  • very serious.

Drunk driving and instantly re-offense "heavier" offense. The size of the penalty can range from 100 to 600 euros. Extinguish a small fine can be "on the spot" the traffic police or the bank.

If the fine is repaid within 15 days of the offense, for the discipline he was "reduced" by half. For example, a cigarette butt thrown from the window will cost 300 euro fine. If you are stopped for this offense, "on the spot" you have to pay 150 euros.

Speeding 20 km will cost 100 euros, the same thing, but in a state of alcoholic intoxication - 200 euros.

The speed limit

Like everywhere in Spain, maximum speed:

  • for the city - 50 km / h;
  • outside settlements - 100 km / h;
  • on the motorway 120 km / h.

There is a speed limit on the freeway and the bottom bracket - you need to go at least 60 km / h.


In Seville, the parking lot, where you can leave for a few hours a rented car. Most hotels, hostels and restaurants has its own parking spaces for customers, they are free.

Also, there is a spacious parking, conveniently located in the city:

  • Parking Insur
  • Parking Insur SA
  • Parking Escuelas Pias.

Do not leave the car under the sign VADO (he refers to the entry to the parking lot and entrance to the garage) and the territory marked in yellow (ordinary or double line).

Fuel for the car, taken in rent in Seville

In no shortage of gas stations. Adopted by self-service, you can pay in cash or by credit card. In Seville you can find unleaded gasoline 95 and 98 (both are in the region of 1,5 euro per liter) and diesel (around 1.2 euro per liter). At most gas stations also have gas (0.67 euro).

Toll roads

Seville with the other parts of Spain joins the many roads, some of them paid:

  • AP-4 Seville - Cádiz (94 km) - fare is 7.25 euros.

Also, you can get into the city via the highway: A-49, E-803 and the SE-30.

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